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Premium Electronic Cigarettes

​​I know that you have probably asked this question more than once.  Some e-cigs can be found in grocery stores, convienence stores, gas stations.. almost anywhere.  Are they good quality products? NO! Electronic Cigarettes, better known as E-Cigs, are battery operated devices that create vapor and provide nicotine replacement with the taste of a cigarette without the harmful tar, additives and other scrapings from the warehouse floor.

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Pen Style E-Cigs

One of the most popular styles of e-cigs are the pen style with a cartomizer attached.  The cartomizer can be prefilled with the vapor liquid or there are those that are empty and you can fill with your own.  Most light smokers prefer this method because it is most similiar to a cigarette, with the same shape and size, and is easily used.  The cartomizer is usually equal to about a pack of regular cigarettes and is easily changed out for a new one with the unscrewing of the top.  The battery can be rechargeable or disposable.  We offer the rechargeable kind.  These are activated simply by "dragging" on tip just like a cigarette; the end lights up to mock the firey end of a cigarette.  The vapor is inhaled and released.  they come in two flavors, tobacco and menthol.

E-Juice Style E-Cigs

The other alternative is an e-cig with a tank that is used with what is called "e-juice".  These are very similar in use as the pen style system but work with voltage, liquid and more directly with taste and satisfaction.  This tends to be the choice for the bigger smoker or the person who enjoys the vaping of different flavors.  The way the system works is there is a tank with an atomizer in it.  There is a wick system that soaks the juice and a coil that heats up the wick to produce the vapor.  The heating coil is activated by the pressing of the button on the battery.  This is a large world in vaping and is upgradeable, modifiable and immensely huge.  You can use all different tanks and there are various battery strengths and styles available to match almost any need.  These are usually less expensive in the long run and give you the ability to change up things.  The batteries in the E-Juice kits are also longer